S4R Planning Committee

Meet the Spring for Reform 2012 Planning Committee: Why are you involved in Citizens Union?

Judi Rappoport Blitzer is a member of Citizens Union’s Executive Board, as well as Chair of the Board’s Development Committee. What’s most compelling about Citizens Union is its efforts and successes to keep government and our elected officials working for what is best for New York, not what is politically best for the officials.

Curt Cole, M.D. is a member of the Citizens Union Board, and is Chief Information Officer at Weill Cornell, overseeing research, administrative, and educational systems, as well as the medical library.  I joined Citizens Union because I was looking for a way to promote improved policy. Citizens Union’s goals are more strategic and long lasting than typical political agendas – and the need for non-partisan reform has never been stronger.

Dick Dadey is Executive Director of Citizens Union.

Theresa Doherty is Deputy Director at El Puente, a community-based organization focused on arts, education, public health,  environmental advocacy & social justice in Williamsburg & Bushwick, Brooklyn.  I’ve spent my entire career in youth/community development organizations in NYC, and participating in Citizens Union means being able to make stronger connections from policy to my work in community.

Mark Foggin is a strategy and management consultant for non-profit organizations and city agencies, focusing on economic development and empowerment, as well as small business education and assistance. Citizens Union’s work is compelling because it strives to make city and state government more accessible and accountable to residents.

Eric Frawley is a member of Citizens Union’s State Advisory Committee, and works in new business development at Traxys North America. I became involved with Citizens Union because it sees the great potential that lies in our state’s government, and it works aggressively to improve it.

Ian Kelley is a member of the Board of Citizens Union, and is a private attorney specializing in business formation, commercial law, corporate finance and real estate law.  I find that the effect of a group of smart, committed people on the political process in NY is energizing.

Marc Norman is  on the Board & Municipal Affairs Committee of Citizens Union, and is Vice President at Deutsche Bank’s Community Development Finance Group.  I first became involved with Citizens Union when I volunteered to interview candidates for the 2001 municipal elections. I got hooked on Citizens Union’s engagement in, and passion for, a well functioning and accountable government.

Ken Seplow is a member of Citizens Union’s Board, as well as its Municipal Affairs & Local Candidates Committees, and continues to be engaged in his family’s real estate business. I have always been interested in civic affairs and, following my retirement from active business, I had the time to devote to it through Citizens Union. It is a wonderful opportunity to participate actively in consideration of issues which affect the City and improve the quality of its government.

Teresa Toro is a member of Citizens Union’s Municipal Affairs Committee, and is community outreach liaison for bridge construction and rehabilitation projects at Sam Schwartz Engineering. Citizens Union has a distinguished role in the city’s civic conversation. I also care deeply about citizen participation, as well as government accountability and transparency, which Citizens Union champions.

Cindy VandenBosch is co-founder of Urban Oyster Tours and co-chair of the Museum Access Consortium, an association committed to accessibility at NYC’s cultural institutions. “As a person with a deep interest in community development, I believe that Citizens Union plays an important role in making information available to the public on issues that affect our neighborhoods and overall quality of life in the city.”

Bethany Wall is Development Director at Citizens Union. 

David Wang is an attorney whose practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, internal investigations, and regulatory matters. “Citizens Union gets things done.  As a native New Yorker, I have long admired how Citizens Union’s strong advocacy for government openness, civic education, and community participation has helped make government more accountable to all New Yorkers.”


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