2012 Host Committee

2012 Host Committee
(in formation)

Jed Alpert, Mobile Commons
John P. Avlon
Judi Rappoport Blitzer*
Julie Blitzer
Nancy & Anthony Bowe
Bob Buckholz & Lizanne Fontaine
Gerrard P. Bushell
James F. Capalino,
Curtis Cole*
Theresa Doherty*
The Durst Organization
Steven Eisenstadt
Gail Erickson
Eric Falkstein
Barbara J. Fife
Michael Fishman
Mark Foggin*
Eric Frawley*
Katherine Gray
Nick Grossman
Andrew Hoppin
Dan Horan
John & Damaris Horan
Brad Hoylman
George S. Kaufman
Robert Kaufman
Ian Kelley*
Owen Kirshner
Eric S. Lee
Janno Lieber
Tony Mattia
Bucky McAllister
Thomas L. McMahon
Marc Norman*
Alan Patricof
RLM Finsbury, LLC
Barbara & Charles Robinson
Sally Robinson
Torrance Robinson
Daniel Rose
Alan Rothstein
Rick Schaffer
Barbara & Kenneth Seplow*
Peter J.W. Sherwin
Gregory Silbert
Anthony R. Smith
Ed Swenson
Tipping Point Partners
Teresa Toro*
David Valente,
Cindy VandenBosch*
Grace Lyu Volckhausen
David Wang*
Martha & John Watts
Morris Zedeck

* Planning Committee member
To join the Host Committee contact Bethany Wall at Citizens Union
212-227-0342 ext.16, bwall@citizensunionfoundation.org

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