About CU

Citizens Union is a nonpartisan good government group dedicated to making democracy work for all New Yorkers.  Citizens Union serves as a civic watchdog, combating corruption and fighting for political reform.  We work to ensure fair and open elections, honest and efficient government, and a civically-engaged public.  We are New Yorkers from diverse backgrounds and political beliefs, connected to our communities and united in our commitment to put the city’s long-term interest ahead of all special interests.  Principled and pragmatic, Citizens Union is an independent force for constructive reform, driving policy and educating the public to achieve accountable government in the City and State of New York.

Our policy work is focused on making sure that government – both its people and systems – is truly serving the people of the City and State of New York.  While we are rooted in New York City and have a long history working to improve city government, we also work actively in Albany to forge state-level solutions.  Our work targets the civic-minded public, city and state officials and policy makers, civic advocates, media professionals, and other opinion-makers and thought leaders throughout the city and state.

We achieve results using a mix of public policy, public education, and public engagement.  We conduct in-depth research on public policy, promote public policy solutions, educate the public, and lobby for change.  Our evaluations of candidates for city and state offices help New Yorkers sort through the options at election time.  And, believing an informed citizenry is the cornerstone of good government, Citizens Union Foundation publishes GothamGazette.com, an award-winning news and policy website, as a significant component of our public education program.

Citizens Union Website

CU History: 115 Years of Leadership For Good Government

CU 2013 Goals & Initiatives

CU 2013 New York City Policy Agenda

CU 2013 New York State Policy Agenda


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